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i hate user drama as much as all of y'all, but i needed to speak about this.

my friend turmoil had an argument with their ex, which ended up with their ex doxxing and harassing them. i'm not completely sure of all the details, but i know turmoil did nothing but defend themself. their ex keeps reporting their accounts, so turmoil keeps getting banned for no reason. they have contacted support but they're not helping at all. maybe posting about this will get the mod's attention and they'll stop banning innocent people!!

(also for paying attention to this, here's a blinkie :3)

EDIT: turmoil commented to give more info on the situation, i'll be pasting their comment here in case their account gets deleted again:

to elaborate further on the breakup ordeal ( simce i basically ignored the doxxing as much as possible amd contacted authorities on it ); pretty much she just started to get absolutely furious at me and degraded me the whfole day. i talked to a ( now no longer because of this drama ) friend on how it hurt me and she told the friend to kay em ess along with threatening me to leave the friend or leave her. i tried telling her no and she started berating me with saying she was 12 and calling me a p3d0, saying how the nsfw art SHE made me draw was p3d0 art, and just being completely racist towards me ( ex saying im the n word and whatnot ). i have tried my hardest to contact support and all i am left with is just bans because of me being doxxed which was, if not clear enough, out of MY control. hfope this helps amd hopefully they at least even give me a reason as to why i keep getting banned or smth.

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Hey, your friend was spam-reporting other accounts, among other things. They were banned for making our job harder. Any additional account they keep creating is considered ban evasion and will also be banned.

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oh, i'm sorry, i wasn't aware of that. thank you for the information :)

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im sorry !! (that happened 2 them,…) ,, I hope they will stop getting reported.

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