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Personal Experience - Chased by floating lights

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

I was driving at around 1AM through a road connecting my town to a nearby town. To the left of the road was a cliff full of trees and to the right was a cliff-edge that lead into a river. It's usually very dark in my car because it's quite an old one and it doesn't have any kind of interior lights. I was driving down that road and I looked into the mirror and saw two odd things through my rear win... » Continue Reading

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Romanian Myth - The Fairies/Goddesses of the Wind

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

The Fairies (ielele), or the Goddesses of the Wind (Stapanele Vantului), are Romanian mythological creatures that originated in Romanian folklore and they are alleged to exist everywhere in the country. They are often described as very beautiful young women. They are seeing dancing and singing and if someone dares to get close to them, they will be punished by them. The fairies use their beautiful... » Continue Reading

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Romanian Urban Legend - The Haunted Forest of Hoia Baciu

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Hoia Baciu is a forest situated in Cluj, a major city in Romania, and it's the site for many major paranormal sightings and activities. There isn't just one story surrounding this place, it is a mixture of different stories and sightings that together form the legend of Hoia Baciu. I cannot pinpoint when the first story about Hoia Baciu was born, but I can confirm that these stories have been surf... » Continue Reading

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Romanian Urban Legend - The Black Ambulance/Ambulance of Death

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

The Black Ambulance ( Ambulanța neagră) is a urban legend about an ambulance that was used to kidnap people. This legend is very similar to the Soviet urban legend named The Black Volga, originally created somewhere between 1960 and 1970. The first iteration of this legend was The Black Dacia. It was the Romanian counterpart of The Black Volga and it appeared sometime before 1989, probably s » Continue Reading

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Category: Pets and Animals

I've always had a lot of love for animals. I grew up surrounded by them. I have a long history of finding animals in need (usually birds), bringing them home then setting them free once they've recovered. But one day, after the 2020 lockdown ended, I went outside for the first time in a couple of months and while I was on my way home I saw a post on Facebook about someone who has found an abandone... » Continue Reading

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Creepy tunnels under abandoned powerplant

Category: Travel and Places

It's not my first time diving face first into weird and potentially dangerous places but this time it was the most claustrophobic and in a way creepiest experience I've had so far while urban exploring. The continuous feeling that something may be ahead of me or, even worse, behind me, was living rent free in my mind at all times. I have been through most of the tunnel complex and reached a partia... » Continue Reading

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My birthday is this week.

Category: Art and Photography

Give me any good ideas on how to celebrate! » Continue Reading

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