Personal Experience - Chased by floating lights

I was driving at around 1AM through a road connecting my town to a nearby town. To the left of the road was a cliff full of trees and to the right was a cliff-edge that lead into a river.

It's usually very dark in my car because it's quite an old one and it doesn't have any kind of interior lights. I was driving down that road and I looked into the mirror and saw two odd things through my rear window: A weird blue shape that looked illuminated an two small red shapes that looked as if they were slightly changing. Those things were bright enough to slightly cast a reddish-blue light into the back of my car. I was still driving and the shapes would not disappear. I started driving faster and faster and they were simply not letting off. That's when I reached a long straight patch of the road where out of desperation I turned off my headlights and rear lights and I started driving on the oncoming lane. I started braking, losing a lot of speed, and I noticed the reddish-blue light pass me and cut me off, going straight through the woods to my left.

I turned my lights back on and drove safely home. I was surprised but honestly not that shocked. This is just another experience I've been through that I cannot find an explanation for. It's not my first time dealing with the possibility of the paranormal. Actually, it happened so much in the past years that I'm more intrigued than scared.

This happened about two years ago.

On the same road, maybe half a year before my experience, two guys were racing their cars and in the process one of them mortally hit an old lady. She had severe mental issues and she was walking through the woods at night, along the side of the road, and she even jumped in front of cars or chased them to scare the drivers.

Although being quite an unnerving scene, it didn't stop me from driving around that road in the future. Worst thing that almost happened to me on that road afterwards was a semi-truck almost crashing into me but that's a story for another day.

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