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I've always had a lot of love for animals. I grew up surrounded by them.
I have a long history of finding animals in need (usually birds), bringing them home then setting them free once they've recovered.
But one day, after the 2020 lockdown ended, I went outside for the first time in a couple of months and while I was on my way home I saw a post on Facebook about someone who has found an abandoned "baby crow".
I contacted that person, met with them and they gave me the small bird to take home.
You can only imagine how excited I was about finally being able to tame a crow and make it my pet.
About a week later I realized that it's actually a baby pigeon and I realized that since it grew up in captivity it would spell doom for it if I were to release it anymore.
I've had my pet pigeon for 4 years now. We get along very well, except for the moments when it beats my ass up for no reason. It definitely has quite the personality. The fact that I work from home and I'm able to spend most of my time with it makes it even better.
Say hello to my Big Turbus and his girlfriend Quaso.

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