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Romanian Myth - The Fairies/Goddesses of the Wind

The Fairies (ielele), or the Goddesses of the Wind (Stapanele Vantului), are Romanian mythological creatures that originated in Romanian folklore and they are alleged to exist everywhere in the country.

They are often described as very beautiful young women. They are seeing dancing and singing and if someone dares to get close to them, they will be punished by them.
The fairies use their beautiful voices to put a spell on young and handsome men. Once they got close, they would put them to sleep with their kiss.

Their provenience is controversial but the most believed theory is that they are the thee daughters of Alexandru Machedon. It is said that they drank Alexandru's vine water that he kept for when he got old, granting them eternal life in a young body.

It is known that they don't usually cause harm unprovoked but they sometimes, out of fun, get into people's houses and curses them with plagues and illnesses.

There are a couple of stories told by people who were unfortunate enough to meet one of those Goddesses in person. The following story was told by one of my friend's uncle.

He was coming home driving his car late at night. He passed by a bus stop that was near the area he lived. At the bus stop he saw a woman that was just sitting there, waiting. He considered to be very odd because there are no busses driving around at night anywhere in our town. All he did was to continue driving, taking his mind off from what he just saw.
While driving he kept feeling like he was being watched. That is when in front of his car the same woman has appeared. He dodged the woman that was standing in the middle of the street, stopped and checked his rear-view mirror. He could not see anyone anymore, even though the street was well lit by the street lamps. He locked his doors and started moving again but that's when he heard a ear-piercing woman scream (Kind of like the Banshees scream) and when he looked in the mirror he saw her. He started driving fast but she was still in the mirror. She wasn't moving but she wasn't falling behind either, kind of as if she was attached to the car. My friend's uncle drove faster and faster and he took his car through a dirt path that lead to the village he lived in. The screams kept following him, it wasn't just one scream anymore but multiple.
Once he entered the village and passed by the small church, the screams stopped and the figure from the mirror disappeared.
He arrived home, went straight inside and could not sleep all night. When he checked his car next day he noticed two palm prints on the trunk of his car, looking like they were burnt straight into the paint. He sold the car and bought another one after noticing that.
Sadly, he has passed away a couple of years later due to an illness that he developed not too long after the above incident.
I would say this is might as well not be related in any way to the creepy story but there are other oddly similar stories that happened not only on that specific road but other roads that are very similar.

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thrifted ♱

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i love stories like that but if something like that happened to me i'd be so terrified i don't think i'd ever feel okay again

but thats such a cool story though minus the trauma, ilness & death part

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Black Market Stray Cat

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this could just be me being desperate, but this does not sound like a bad way to die

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Honestly, the experience of being "haunted" like this sounds oddly intriguing.
The death part, not so much.

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