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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

please i want to dye my hair an unnatural color really bad but i dont know which color would look best on me!!!! to see what i look like i have photos of my face on my instagram @miloinspace PLEASSSEEE HELP!!!!! ILL DO LITERALLY ANY COLOR   » Continue Reading

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how do i get my health up as someone who doesnt care that much?

Category: Life

i wake up every morning dizzy and extra tired and i cant breathe out of my nose(currently on antibiotics but they arent helping). i only eat once, sometimes zero, times a day. i never have an appetite, and when i do its very little. i have major food sensory issues. if a food is a certain texture i wont eat it. so i dont have a wide variety of food options. im the kind of picky that doesnt even ea... » Continue Reading

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im sorry but why do dress codes have the stupidest rules?

Category: School, College, University

i go to an alternative school and its 80 degrees out right now and summer is coming fast, so how come we arent allowed to wear tank tops when its hot? the reference picture for the dress code is quite literally a gym uniform. girl summer clothing isnt like that, girl shorts are super long unless you want them. tshirts in the heat become so sweaty and sticky so why cant i wear a tank top to deal wi... » Continue Reading

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pls help me what do i do ab him

Category: Friends

ok first of all im gonna say he isnt diagnosed with autism (nothing wrong with thinking and telling people u might be on the spectrum but in this case it feels wrong) ok so literally we were at a birthday party for my friend vinny. leo and vinny are bffs btw. so here we are all at dave n busters for vinnys birthday and i dont even know what happened but leo and nadia just wandered » Continue Reading

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pen pal applications :)

Category: Friends

hey so ive been really wanting a pen pal but also just dont want to give out my address to people i dont know so if you are around my age(16) and also want a pen pal you can either say stuff in the comments or you can fill out a google doc ALSO! i know giving out addresses is sorta weir... » Continue Reading

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A Poem.

Category: Romance and Relationships

Drive Fast  Eat Ass Have Class Cut Grass do your partner a favor and pop their ass pimples!!!!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging


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Category: Writing and Poetry

im being so distant  so you can forget about me until there is no one left i want there to be no one left » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

i love my friends so much but sometimes i just cant stand talking to any of them. sometimes i feel like they dont like me. like they dont notice when i ignore everyone. i just always feel left out even when i am around them.  » Continue Reading

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