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how do i get my health up as someone who doesnt care that much?

i wake up every morning dizzy and extra tired and i cant breathe out of my nose(currently on antibiotics but they arent helping). i only eat once, sometimes zero, times a day. i never have an appetite, and when i do its very little. i have major food sensory issues. if a food is a certain texture i wont eat it. so i dont have a wide variety of food options. im the kind of picky that doesnt even eat chicken tenders at a restaurant. i drink an energy drink every morning at school, followed by a shit ton of water. i always get twitchy and anxious in the afternoon. my mom wont let me go back on my anxiety meds. everytime i walk down stairs it feels like if i go any faster my legs are going to give out. i would ask a doctor but im only 16 and havent been to the doctors in years. 

i dont know how i can feel better   

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Hey, darling! So, instead of going for those big meals, you could totally consider having smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. It's like a little food party for your body! This can help you get all those necessary nutrients your body needs without overwhelming your appetite or sensory issues.

When it comes to textures, it's all about finding what vibes with you, you know? If certain textures are challenging for you, try exploring options with similar textures that you feel comfortable with. Like, if you're into smooth textures, you could try pureed soups, smoothies, or yogurt. If you're more into crunchier vibes, you can go for raw fruits and veggies or lightly cooked foods.

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ill try my best to start trying different things, thank you for the advice

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have you tried lifting weights its fun and gets your body used to needing energy so you wake up less drowsy

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i never thought that lifting weights could help with that, ill try it

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