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i love my friends so much but sometimes i just cant stand talking to any of them. sometimes i feel like they dont like me. like they dont notice when i ignore everyone. i just always feel left out even when i am around them.Β 

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maina !!

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update about me and my "friends"
well, i just stopped talking to everyone, i know that seems wrong but i just couldnt do it anymore. the standing in the bathroom with everyone and just standing there and no one saying a word to me. i thought someone would notice. i hoped someone would notice. i never received any messages asking where ive been or why im not around anymore. i dont want to say they didnt notice or just dont care but i dont know anymore. one of my friends only talks to me when she wants an energy drink from me because her mom doesnt let her drink them, another one dumped me because i called him out for cheating on his girlfriend and he got upset, and then nothing from everyone else. the good part of this story is that i connected with an old friend that moved away and now i have a group of new friends that actually talk to me. i dont what to feel or how im supposed to feel but i just dont care anymore. i stopped caring a while ago. this is what i wanted right? to be alone? i dont know. i never know.

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why do u feel tht way?

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idk i just hate talking to people

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