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Me me me

Category: Life

I guess I’ll introduce myself here. I’m Leslie! But you can also call me nicknames like Lez or Lennie, if you’d like. I’m 19 years old, she/her, bound to the hellpit that is New York against my will, and I occasionally do stuff on the web. Mostly I’m an artist. I like making OCs a lot, and they’re all part of a webcomic project I’m currently working on, which you can find  here ! I also play guita... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i never figured out how to get the images to work on here… it seems this website only supports URLs from certain sites and i unfortunately don’t know which ones… sorry about that :/ anyway. hi! i don’t know what to post here… what should i post here?! tell me what to post here in the meantime, life update i guess: Nothing. Nothing has happened. seriously nothing significant has been going on in a ... » Continue Reading

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Spirit Phone Redraw #5

Category: Art and Photography

Edit: the image URLs didn’t work… :( figuring out how to get them to. in the meantime… stay tuned? I’m back from the dead! Well, I never really meant to leave, but I had no idea what to post for a while. But now, continuing the tradition of my yearly redraw of the album cover of Lemon Demon’s Spirit Phone: Finished February 27, 2024, but its actual birthday is today, the 29th! Woohoo! Leap year! I... » Continue Reading

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Spirit Phone Redraw #4

Category: Art and Photography

Here’s my 4th annual(ish) redraw of the cover of my all time favorite album, Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon, in honor of its 7th anniversary! Really, it was released on a leap day, but there’s no February 29 this year, so today is the next closest thing. I think it’s pretty cool that it was released on a leap day, it sorta fits with the theme of the album. Next year it’ll have an actual birthday! Bel... » Continue Reading

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February Music Review

Category: Music

I decided I’ll share some songs I’ve been enjoying each month! Generally keeping it to one song per artist. I like talking about music too much. These songs are listed in no particular order (aside from roughly ordered by favorite artist first). Everyone and their ancestors knows Eighth Wonder is my favorite Lemon Demon song and I don’t think that’ll be changing any time soon, so I won’t pain you ... » Continue Reading

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Electric Dreams!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I’ve been seeing people talking about this movie a lot lately, and its 80s sci-fi so I decided to check it out and I loved it! I don’t watch movies often but I was curious about the little computer guy. It was really cute, but the end made me sad :( It started off a little slow but about 1/3 of the way into it it gets interesting. I love the computer, some of its scenes were pretty funny. I want m... » Continue Reading

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a review on costco pizza

Category: Food and Restaurants

1 STAR. OUT OF TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY MILLION SIX THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED THIRTY TWO POSSIBLE STARS. TERRIBLE. WORST PIZZA EVER AND MY PARENTS WONT STOP BUYING IT. okay maybe not THE worst because school pizza’s pretty bad. but costco pizza is the second worst. the cheese is terrible. its like rubber. what are they doing to get that texture, i don’t trust it. the sauce is always either too much or too... » Continue Reading

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happy valentines (slight cartoon gore warning)

Category: Art and Photography

HQ version its valentines day so why not draw these weird scientists in love (left: klaus, he/him, right: wesley, he/they/xe/it) » Continue Reading

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Special Interests!

Category: Life

i’m compiling a list of all my special interests (and current hyperfixations) here. these are my biggest interests, my most favoritest things in the whole world that i would probably not exist without. they are in my dna. Special Interests my biggest, longest-lasting, most important interests! •Lemon Demon and other works by Neil Cicierega: my number one special interest for almost three years now... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

it's still a few months away, but my mom's bugging me about getting a dress now for whatever stupid reason you need to get a dress so early. i dont even want to wear a dress, gross. i honestly couldn't even care less about prom itself. it seems like any other party to me, what's so special about it? i'm not a big party person at all, i'm too quiet and usually i just end up quietly hiding in the co... » Continue Reading

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Category: Religion and Philosophy

Someone asked me to be their valentine, and I realized I don't even know exactly what a valentine is. Are you dating? Like each other? Simply establishing a mutual tolerance? Has this always been up for debate? Has it ever been up for debate? I didn't know what to say (but I don't think I do want to be valentines). Is it the autism that does this to me? Who knows, but that is my philosophical ques... » Continue Reading

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Word Disassociation

Category: Games

As in the game! Just comment any random word and I’ll reply with another that’s completely unrelated. Then keep it going! Might be a good writing exercise. » Continue Reading

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