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I guess I’ll introduce myself here. I’m Leslie! But you can also call me nicknames like Lez or Lennie, if you’d like. I’m 18 years old, she/her, and I’m some person from New York doing stuff on the web. Mostly I’m an artist. I like making OCs a lot, and they’re all part of a webcomic project I’m currently working on, which you can find here!

I also play guitar and sing and on rare occasions attempt to make music (I will do much more of that once I actually have the time and energy). I reeaaallllyyyy love music.

I mostly use Instagram, so check that out. It’s like 75% cool.

I like animals and new wave/rock/synth music and being a nerd!!!1 and sleeping

I have huge special interests in Lemon Demon, mustelids, and the 80s!

That pretty much sums it up I think. That’s about all my life entails. Anyway, SpaceHey looks like a cool place, let’s have a ROCKIN TIME!!!!! yay

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