Spirit Phone Redraw #4


Here’s my 4th annual(ish) redraw of the cover of my all time favorite album, Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon, in honor of its 7th anniversary!

Really, it was released on a leap day, but there’s no February 29 this year, so today is the next closest thing. I think it’s pretty cool that it was released on a leap day, it sorta fits with the theme of the album. Next year it’ll have an actual birthday!

Below are my previous redraws. The one above was drawn February 27, 2023, and the ones below were drawn:


July 21, 2022


August 23, 2021


May 9, 2021



The original, official cover artwork by Ming Doyle!

This album means a whole lot to me, I won’t get all sappy with it but it introduced me to so many amazing new things, and of course some really funky tunes. Plus Lemon Demon itself, my biggest special interest! Happy birthday Spirit Phone!

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