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Update on my skateboarding (longboarding??)

Category: Sports

Yeah I like rolling around on this longboard a bit too much I think I shattered my left ankle and my entire foot and leg god damn I can barely walk and I can't run Medical cream doesn't work on it I might have properly fucked my leg for a couple of days but I refuse to stop skateboarding it's just too fun » Continue Reading

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Rate my new pins

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Backpack pins Notebook bag pins Bonus: new shirts  (blood warning) I'm also going to get a garfield shirt soon, it just hasn't arrived yet but I will post pictures when I get it » Continue Reading

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Why did no one ever tell me skateboardinf was so cool

Category: Sports

seriously I got a longboard and its so cool I do it till my legs hurt (and they hurt all the time now) its litterally the best thing ever  » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

Hold on this is litterally so cool these CDs slap I need more » Continue Reading

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Bro I gotta read this book

Category: Books and Stories

I have to read this real dumb fucking book for french class but it's boring as hell any tips on how to do it? » Continue Reading

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Tomorrow (or more like today) I'm going to go to lazertag

Category: Blogging

 gonna be pretty fun tbh  Also I'm going to go to paintball on Friday for the first time and I'm kind of anxious but mostly exited I cosplayed a character who brought a real gun to a paintball match a couple of days ago maybe this isn't a good idea LMAO » Continue Reading

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yesterday i made my first cosplay

Category: Blogging

it was a sort of shitty cosplay, but still my first (if you dont count my halloween costumes) » Continue Reading

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axolotls are cool

Category: Pets and Animals

axolotls are cool thanks for reading » Continue Reading

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