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My mom wont let me get a bass

It's been a week and a half. She TOLD me we could go and she keeps cancelling it man it's been three times already I just wanna get a bass

Anyway does anyone know any tips for bass playing?? I'm (obviously) a beginner if theres any tips please give them to me

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Zecnetovk V.

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I'm also looking forward to one day get a bass and learn by myself on how to play it. Slapping technique is what got me interested. I hope you can get yours in due time... maaaaayyybe is a xmas gift? 7-7

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Sorry I'm not active on space hey but yes it was indeed a Christmas gift I can post a picture later if you wanna see it. Squire precision

by Allister; ; Report

Sure that would be pretty cool to see your Bass!! No worries about answering late ^^

by Zecnetovk V.; ; Report

np dude

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by Allister; ; Report

Niiiiceeeee!!! Thats some cool ass looking bass!!

by Zecnetovk V.; ; Report

Thanks man!

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