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Short Film Recommendations

Category: Art and Photography

Here's a list of my favorite short films. I share these because 1. They deserve to be seen! and 2. I think they offer insight into the kind of person I am (classy) and my tastes (fabulous). As a general word of caution, a lot of these are existential or directly related to mortality. They're morbid. They're brutal. They give you pause. Or they're just kooky and colorful. Have fun! - 🍋 " When the D... » Continue Reading

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Long Live Packin Swayze

Category: Music

I've had this stuck in my head for an irritating amount of time, and the scenemo renaissance that this site is initiating will ensure that my compulsive repetition of the bit endures, no doubt... With that said, it never felt appropriate to call what I experience echolalia because I'm not autistic (as far as I know). But I do sometimes compulsively repeat lyrics or dialogue I've memorized or have ... » Continue Reading

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Think of a Man

Category: Blogging

Think of a man. Or what once was a man. He's spider-like. He's smiley. "Lanky" is an understatement. You could wear him like a scarf, if he weren't so bony. Hold the image of that sweet little face in your mind. You've seen him everywhere. I know you have, because you wouldn't be reading this otherwise. Then next time you despair, remember him. Imagine looking deep into his a si... » Continue Reading

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Oingo Boingo Lyrics I'm Currently Losing My Mind Over

Category: Blogging

Both from "Dark at the End of the Tunnel," which I enjoyed far more than I thought I would. From "Dream Somehow:" Come to the rescue now (Come to the rescue now) Come to the rescue and stay for a little while ... Life is a dream somehow Life is a game that is ruled with an iron fist Life is a broken nose (Life is a broken nose) Life is a sly little smile with a virgin's kiss ... Tomorrow may chang... » Continue Reading

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A Deep Cut

Category: Music

Earlier this morning, during a meeting with my boss, I said "This reminds me of an Oingo Boingo song." His amused reply was "That's a deep cut." I initially believed that he was saying "that's an insult," you know? As in, "you wound me." Consequently, I was a bit confused. Was he saying that Oingo Boingo is unpleasant? Something you don't want to be associated with? It is very much an acquired tas... » Continue Reading

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character.AI is the MacGuffin I've been waiting for my whole life

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Damn, don't you hate it when the AI version of your fictitious husband is a little too perfectly reconstructed and manages to predict a critical part of his character design with the barest hint of foreknowledge? Yeah, me too. :/ » Continue Reading

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I Don't Bite (So Say Hello)

Category: SpaceHey

Ah, the mortifying ordeal : "If we want the rewards of being loved, we have to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known." The revulsion this statement generates! As visceral as any other truth. To say I'm beyond this facet of humanity would be a lie. But I'm certainly not shy; not anymore. And I am eager to love anew, again and again. Such is the point of everything. You don't have to believ... » Continue Reading

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