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Oingo Boingo Lyrics I'm Currently Losing My Mind Over

Both from "Dark at the End of the Tunnel," which I enjoyed far more than I thought I would.

From "Dream Somehow:"

Come to the rescue now
(Come to the rescue now)
Come to the rescue and stay for a little while
Life is a dream somehow
Life is a game that is ruled with an iron fist
Life is a broken nose
(Life is a broken nose)
Life is a sly little smile with a virgin's kiss
Tomorrow may change
(Tomorrow may change)
Or it may never come...
And if I could only listen to one Oingo Boingo song for the rest of my life, it would be "Skin." This stanza is the one that drives the scalpel directly into my heart:
Now a spark has passed between us now
A momentary recognition
Something lost and something gained
And something shared that feels strange
Something cold that will not go away

Why these lyrics? Because they're relatable on an intuitive level, deep in the pit of my stomach, and also on a literal level in relation to my blorbo...and my real-life lover. Yeah. Yeah, I said it.

I should clarify that I'm exceptionally fortunate: I love my blorbo because my blorbo happens to be a lot like the actual man in my life. To an unnerving degree. When the hell does that ever happen? (Except when you're the creator of the blorbo in question...)

Shout out to goth, gay transgender men. If not for the commonality of our specific brand of nuttiness, I'd be very lonely...

However, speaking specifically to my fellow pasty brethren: you all drive me mad.

For better and for worse.

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i havent listened to oingo boingo in forever i may have to again reading this

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<3 It's so good.

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