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A Deep Cut

Earlier this morning, during a meeting with my boss, I said "This reminds me of an Oingo Boingo song." His amused reply was "That's a deep cut."

I initially believed that he was saying "that's an insult," you know? As in, "you wound me." Consequently, I was a bit confused. Was he saying that Oingo Boingo is unpleasant? Something you don't want to be associated with? It is very much an acquired taste. One of the simplest means of acquiring said taste being "recognition that you're a transgender man," of course.

But evidently the idiom actually refers to an obscure work: "a thing likely to be recognized only by a connoisseur."

That makes me feel better! Haha!

The song was "Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me," if you're curious. Explaining its relevance in public however, would be folly. No, I'm afraid that's a trade secret...

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