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Long Live Packin Swayze

I've had this stuck in my head for an irritating amount of time, and the scenemo renaissance that this site is initiating will ensure that my compulsive repetition of the bit endures, no doubt...

With that said, it never felt appropriate to call what I experience echolalia because I'm not autistic (as far as I know). But I do sometimes compulsively repeat lyrics or dialogue I've memorized or have to loop songs to the point of discomfort. Literally "ad nauseam."

It doesn't impede my functioning, but it can be annoying to myself and others. In its worst form, one quote will lead to another from a different source. For example, Oingo Boingo's "Dream Somehow" contains the line "Turn around"...which sends me right back to

When Encanto had just come out, "We Don't Talk About Bruno" in both English and Spanish had me by the balls. Dreadful days.

That's why it was with great trepidation that I scrolled through Deezer's 2022 knockoff Spotify Wrapped, fearful of what the numbers would reveal about my embarrassing obsession with a *exhales* Lin-Manuel Miranda song. But, lo and behold, "Little Girls" by the one and only Oingo Boingo left it in the dust with 139 listens. Thank. God.

I also happened to be ranked #1 out of 131,373 of their listeners(?). Ha ha! I don't let that get to my head, though, because Deezer is far less popular than Spotify in terms of music streaming platforms. I used Spotify for over a decade but told them to close my account and go fuck themselves (Yes, I actually wrote that in the email!) when they acquired Joe Rogan's show, and I'll never go back.

Besides, my boyfriend was in the top 0.05% of Oingo Boingo listeners on Spotify for the same period of time. Yes, you read correctly. 0.05%. Not 5%. 0.05%. Less than 1%. He is insane, and sky above, I am so deeply in love with him. I became a Boingohead for him, after all. ;)

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