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Short Film Recommendations

Here's a list of my favorite short films. I share these because 1. They deserve to be seen! and 2. I think they offer insight into the kind of person I am (classy) and my tastes (fabulous).

As a general word of caution, a lot of these are existential or directly related to mortality. They're morbid. They're brutal. They give you pause. Or they're just kooky and colorful. Have fun!

- 🍋 "When the Day Breaks" and "Wild Life" by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis are both excellent, excellent films. The former is grim anthros with a bittersweet sense of humor, the latter is animated using paintings for each frame. Incredibly impressive on an artistic level alone.

- 🫙 One of the most fantastic horror short films I've ever seen: "Wake," by Bree Newsome. She's the same woman who famously climbed a 30-foot pole to remove the Confederate flag in front of the South Carolina State House.

- 🎹 Jonni Phillips is a genius. "The Final Exit of the Disciples of Ascensia" if you want to bawl, "Rachel and Her Grandfather Control the Island" if you want to laugh, "Monkeys Who Live in a House" if you want to smile.

- 🎾 Victoria Vincent is one of my favorite animators. I consider "Twins in Paradise" and "floatland" to be masterpieces, but "find true love" is the first I ever saw and I loved it.

- 🤡 Can't go wrong with anything Worthikids has ever animated ever, but I think the standouts are definitely "Free Apple," "Wire," and "CAPTAIN YAJIMA."

- 🌱 "Pumzi," a science fiction film that I don't want to talk too much about to allow the plot to speak for itself. The filmmaker, Wanuri Kahiu, visited my college and I didn't know until after and I'm still so disappointed that I didn't get to go to the event. :/

- 🐟 Yugo Limbo animates a lot of fun stuff. I really love "AH, HE'S SICK!" which is an entertaining and oddly sentimental surrealist story. Funnily enough, I interviewed them once. Very sweet person.

- 🍴 "La Faim (Hunger)" by Peter Foldès is probably the most uncomfortable I've ever felt watching an animated short.

- ⛳ Gobelins, l'école de l'image (literally something along the lines of "Goblins School of Visual Communication) in France consistently puts out amazing work. My favorite of all time is "Panade sur le green" no question, but "LE DERNIER JOUR D'UN CONDAMNE" is pretty funny as well, and "Best Friend" is intense (as a metaphor for addiction) but very beautiful. If you spot the subtle reference to another animation that's present in "Best Friend" I will love you 5ever.

- ⚰️ "The Backwater Gospel" made me the man I am today and I am not exaggerating. It's very bloody in a way that's clever and refreshing. My favorite doom country artist co-wrote it, acted in it, and composed the music.

- ⛵ "The Cat Piano" is technically a story about animal abuse and is also gory enough to make me flinch, but that's not the actual theme. It is gorgeously animated and narrated. Unforgettable, and something I always watch without the lights on.

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thanks for sharing! I love Worthikids, Free Apple always makes me laugh ^__^ I'll have to check the rest of these out too! If you're into weird existential animated stuff, I really like the "Ena" webseries. maybe you would like it as well :0

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I've heard of ENA before! Never got around to taking a look. I'll add it to my List. ^-^

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