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silly sketches i made during school

Category: Art and Photography

ok so when i'm in class i get really bored sometimes so i start drawing stuff. i made a bulletin earlier this week and asked if anyone wanted to see them and some people said yes so here we are! sketches i made in spanish class: i don't like drawing hands,, at all,, idk why it's flipped. spanish 1 is really easy i was on effexor when i made this and my classmates were being little bitches i like h... » Continue Reading

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what living in a mental hospital is like (part 1)

Category: Life

MASSIVE TW for mental health issues in general suicidal ideation sexual assault (none happened while i was in there) so not too long ago (a day when i'm first writing this), i was discharged from a mental hospital. I haven't seen many people talk about mental health issues on this website, so i decided that maybe i should share my story in case someone can relate to my story, or if someone reading... » Continue Reading

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cool windows 98 website tutorial i found

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

not sure if this website has already been mentioned before, but i think it's pretty cool. https://jdan.github.io/98.css/#window-contents go! check it out! make your website retro themed! go wild! have fun! » Continue Reading

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monkey photos i found on the world wide web

Category: Pets and Animals

alright i'm bored so i'm going to google monkey and see what kind of strange stuff i get so buckle up 1.   bro this guy looks like his name is philip who let this monkey exist. 2/10 rating 2.   JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHAT IS THAT THING??? THATS NOT A MONKEY! -88/10 3.  ... no comment 4.    this has got to be the hardest pic i've ever seen. 10/10 5.   BAHAHAHAHA WTF IS THIS "damn libbies are making m... » Continue Reading

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What Puberty Blockers are Like

Category: Life

Before i start this, i'd like to mention that this is only my experience. Not everyone will have the same emotions, side effects, and other happenings that come along with being trans and using puberty blockers.  Hello everyone, my name is william, i am a trans man on hormone blockers. i have had the implant for about 4 months now, and if you're a trans man wondering what hormone blockers are like... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

she's so amazing. ever since i got her she has improved my life in so many ways. i treat her nlike my daughter and i love bringing her around.  rei plush is love. rei plush is life.  i plan on keeping her for the rest of my life, because 1. my friend would give me 50 bucks if she lasts until college 2. she gives me emotional support 3. i want her to see the world with me. anyway GET A REI PLUSH!!!... » Continue Reading

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evangelion ramble

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

so some things have been happening in my life recently, and i just want to talk about them because why not. i want to talk about my relatively recent obsession with evangelion. it started in september, and i've let it take complete control over my life. i cannot stop thinking or talking about it, and it's starting to get somewhat embarrassing. i've had stuff like this my whole life, where i'd get ... » Continue Reading

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man i love natural disasters

Category: Life

currently have been stuck in my house for the past few days due to there being widespread flooding everywhere, which has incidentally caused my school to be closed today, frequent power outages, and more super fun things to happen.  i have also discovered that my dad has tested positive for the virus, which is very disappointing and somewhat frightening. not really much else to report on, because ... » Continue Reading

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i have succeeded in building my computer!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

i finally did it! it took a while because of waiting for certain parts to come, but this morning i finally got it to boot! i'm currently writing this from my PC and I can't wait to do more things with it. the device i was using before was this now 5 year old laptop that although wasn't very old, was extremely slow. it bluescreened trying to open google chrome one time. it was awful, but i'm really... » Continue Reading

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i may be a bit wackalicious, just maybe

Category: Life

do you ever just want to observe people from above like they're ants? i definitely do for some reason and i find it very entertaining to watch people do their little shenanigans everyday. problem is, i have to be a part of society too, which means i can't do that often(very upsetting ik), otherwise i'll just be seens as a creep or an edgy teenager. my solution to this would be gaining access to a ... » Continue Reading

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strange things in my bedroom

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

so i was recently redesigning my room and it reminded me of some strange things i remember about it when i first moved in. all of this spans to when i was 5-10ish so some of the experiences i say might be unclear. so first thing i noticed that was weird about it was the general feeling of the room, which felt somewhat like you weren't truly alone. although i think it's crucial to mention i have an... » Continue Reading

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i am going fuckng mentaldf

Category: Life

i hate my psychiatrist office theyre wrong about everything i want them to eat shit i dont have anything else to say that i wanna share i just really fucking hate them » Continue Reading

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