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Confuse the search engines

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I like to confuse the search engines. They don't need to know everything about me, or about you either. There are plenty of tactics you can use to make it harder for search engines to build up a profile on you. One is to use more than one browser, and a different search engine on each. For example, I'll use the Google search engine on the Chrome browser, which I only rarely use anyway. But the mai... » Continue Reading

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Picking a good username

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I sometimes find it hard to choose a good username, whether it's for social media, gaming, or some other purpose. It's not always easy to come up with something neutral on the spot. One tactic I have is to pick a 2-word username, and keep one of the words the same across my different accounts, and the other word can change. This makes it easy for me to keep track of my usernames as there is a cohe... » Continue Reading

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Tips for hosting a casual dinner party

Category: Food and Restaurants

If you are hosting a dinner party, it doesn't have to be fancy. Remember, your friends are there to see you and get together, not to go to a fancy restaurant! So relax and enjoy. You will have to decide what type of food to serve. I recommend the following places to find good recipes: Main dishes at Allrecipes.com Dessert recipes at CelebratingSweets.com Appetizers at Food Network. To keep it casu... » Continue Reading

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Wallpapers, pics and more

Category: Art and Photography

The default wallpapers on any device tend to be rather limited, and frequently clash with the icons. I like to get free, legal to use wallpapers for my phone or computer from the following places: Stock photo site Pixabay Stock photo site Unsplash A curated collection of girly wallpapers I like being able to go with colors and styles that I like, and not feel limited by the default backgrounds ava... » Continue Reading

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Inspirational quotes

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I like inspirational quotes quite a bit. Not enough to put up on my walls IRL, but I like them scattered throughout Twitter or other social media, for example. In a world where there is so much animosity and strife and political arguing, it's nice to know that there are quotes for people who just want to keep moving forward and not get distracted by negativity. My favorite places for quotes are: B... » Continue Reading

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When it's hard to know what to tweet

Category: Blogging

I don't like to waste time thinking of what to tweet. Some things I do are: Generic photo/image from a free stock photo site such as Pixabay Good morning or good evening tweet Retweet someone else's good morning or good evening tweet If tweeting something business-related, using a free tweet generator Tweet what book I'm currently reading Tweet what food I last ate Ultimately I try to minimize the... » Continue Reading

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Tech tools I use

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I decided to bookmark some of the tech tools I like and use. Colors HTML colors - Alphabetical list of the HTML colors , or sorted by color group , which is slightly more useful for me. W3CSS colors - There are so few W3CSS colors in total that it doesn't matter that they're not sorted by color group. Even with the above colors, I feel like there is a need for more colors in general. I often find ... » Continue Reading

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My Goals For This Year

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Be a little more organized Keep on top of people's birthdays!!! Get cards or gifts ahead of time Do more coding Try new recipes more often » Continue Reading

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