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Tips for hosting a casual dinner party

If you are hosting a dinner party, it doesn't have to be fancy. Remember, your friends are there to see you and get together, not to go to a fancy restaurant!

So relax and enjoy. You will have to decide what type of food to serve. I recommend the following places to find good recipes:
To keep it casual, go for a rustic theme. Mismatched plates and cutlery are 100% OK with that! Don't over-do the theme - just "at home with us" is fine for a simple theme. Consider some special touches, such as strings of lights in the room. This will make the evening seem special at a low cost. Remember that your main goal is to set your guests at ease and serve them food. Yes, it is literally that simple! If you can accomplish both those things, your evening will be a big success all around.

Don't over-think - be spontaneous and ask people over when you decide you're doing it. If you stop and think, you'll probably find reasons not to do it, and then it's sadly all to easy to never have anyone over because the conditions aren't "perfect". Don't wait for perfection - which will never arrive anyway! Make the most of today. Your friends will appreciate it/

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