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friendship in early adulthood.

Category: Blogging

Hi bloggers. been a minute... I've recently been going through some things, and it has lead me to some realizations. Friendship in adulthood can be so incredibly hard. Especially as someone who struggles with my mental, and as being on the spectrum. Some may not understand, but being on the spectrum and maintaining new friendships is one of the biggest challenges I have been faced with. Sometimes ... » Continue Reading

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when the going gets tough

Category: Blogging

hi friends ;3  been a while since i last blogged about my life. i'm not gonna lie i keep forgetting that spacehey exists, but then sometimes i remember that i want to keep blogging, but then i forget again LMAO i recently just got my first car, which i'm so incredibly grateful for. i also have an interview on sunday for a new job, cuz tbh i SUCK at keeping a job. sorry that i get bored doing the s... » Continue Reading

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counting losses 💌

Category: Blogging

hi friends, it’s been a minute. but i’ve been working on a lot of things recently. a few days ago my grandfather passed, so i’ve made it to michigan with my sister for the funeral and memorial. sometimes it’s hard to grieve, and not be able to express it easily. death is weird for me, i’ve never really felt so sad to the point where it consumed me, which i’m grateful for but i wish i could show ho... » Continue Reading

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on the road of self repair

Category: Blogging

hey blog :)  long time since i’ve blogged, but that’s alright. time to myself was very much needed! lately i’ve been getting my shit together. i knew i would do this for myself, but putting it into action feels so right and good. i got a new job at a thrift store near my house, which is really cool. i like my coworkers :) currently saving up for a car!! then once that’s out of the way, i’ll potent... » Continue Reading

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blog #1 💌🩸

Category: Blogging

i normally hate to pick on myself the way that i do, but man is it so hard to ignore it at moments. it’s normal though. i guess. i just sometimes feel like humans weren’t meant to be so self aware, you know? society is so harsh and it’s crazier because it drains us all & barely anyone says anything about that. it sometimes feels like its much too late, most of the damage has already been done but ... » Continue Reading

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