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types of people I hate pt.2

Category: Life

1. Boys that are like "I need a goth gf", "I love goth girls" and when they see actual goth girl they feel disgusted  2. People that are cutting themselves, take a pic of it, send it to someone and type "Oopsie look what i did πŸ₯Ί" u won't make anyone feel about u (this literally happened to a friend of mine 2 days ago and she's totally traumatized) 3. Parents that excuse their children's bad behavi... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Go eat, stay hydrated, avoid negativity, do what you enjoy and be with the ones you love » Continue Reading

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types of people I hateπŸ’“πŸ’“

Category: Blogging

1. The ones that make drama and then make themselves the victim of the whole situation  2. People who walk too slow, if it's someone who has problems i don't mind.  3. People that hate on other people's make-up, everyone has a different style 4. People that bully someone for being a nerd- this happens in my class every single day and it's the ones with bad grades 5. People that laugh at other peop... » Continue Reading

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Things that I recommend you to use ⋆ Λšο½‘β‹†ΰ­¨ΰ­§ΛšΛšΰ­¨ΰ­§β‹†ο½‘Λš ⋆

Category: Life

1. Dove soaps and shower gels- Istg they clean really good and smell really good! 2. The best tonner for face you can use is rose water!! 3. Maybelline mascaras- they make ur eyelashes look so good and it also last a lot. 4. Nivea body lotions- they make ur skin so smooth. 5. Use body lotion or vaseline before putting on perfume- trust me, it's gonna last so much longer! 6. Catrice HD liquid cover... » Continue Reading

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Things that shouldn't be normalized

Category: Life

1. Kids using anti-age skincare, doing heavy makeup 2. Adults going for minors 3. Ageplay fet!sh 4. Overconsumption 5. P0rnography 6. Toxic relationships 7. These stupid tiktok rules and theories 8. Obesity 9. Making fun of someone who has ED, mental problems or isnt't finacially stable 10. Teachers embarassing a student in front of the whole class and the principal not doing anything about it » Continue Reading

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β‚“Λš. ΰ­­ Λšβ—‹β—¦Λš.Λšβ—¦β—‹Λš ΰ­§ .Λšβ‚“

Category: Life

tell that one person u love them, live's too short. get that tattoo or piercing, live's too short. explore new place, live's too short. go on that party, live's too short. spread positivity, live's too short. buy that one thing you want, live's too short. dance without feeling embarrassed, live's too short. skip a day from school to take a rest, live's too short.  Just do anything that u need to d... » Continue Reading

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I just wanted to talk about it because it's sad

Category: Life

 Kids these days are not kids- they are either IPad kids who are on tiktok or social media all day, or the sephora kids. When I see kids like this I wonder how can a parent fail so much. These kids don't have childhood at all. On instagram I saw a reel today where a millenial was showing her kid before and after IPad and blamed it all on the IPad. The fricking IPad is not supposed to raise your ch... » Continue Reading

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This has to stop!

Category: Life

 In Bulgaria there is a young influencer and her name is Yasmin Kirilova. She is a mother of a little lovely boy and she has a husband. She is being cyber bullied by a woman called Gergana. Gergana has schizophrenia. Gergana's mother went to the office of media called plovdiv 24 (it's basically a media for news from the city Plovdiv in Bulgaria). The mother said that Yasmin is abusing her daughter... » Continue Reading

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Something that people need to understand

Category: Music

  Calling someone poser is not cool. In the alternative subcultures there will always be some elitists that will call you poser for stupid reasons- because you are getting into the subculture, because you don't dress in a certain way, because you listen to popular bands and many more reasons. I mean elitists need to fucking grow up because they've been the same in the beginning. When I started lis... » Continue Reading

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