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Weekly Recommendations (music, film, literature)

Category: Art and Photography

Hey person reading this blog entry!! glad you're here to check out my weekly recommendations! First of all, I've never done this before, but am excited to start. Here's stuff that has recently caught my attention: 1. MUSIC - 'Black Holes and Revelations', by Muse. As a huge radiohead fan, I was starting to get bored of always listening to the same albums. Early Muse is a great alternative. They so... » Continue Reading

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I thought the girl I love had ****** herself

Category: Life

I woke up today at 7am and realized I had received a notification at 1 am from G (a girl who I have a complicated relationship with. I was her first kiss, but she didn't want to continue it. But we still talk regularly and have become really close in the past year). The message said "Not sure if I've said it before, but I love you Crimson King".  The thing is she's been dealing with depression and... » Continue Reading

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I hate myself.

Category: Life

As a man, I think I need other people's rescpect and admiration, which I don't have. I'm always the butt of the joke. I feel like no one respects my existence as an equal. Don't get me wrong, I have 'friends', but I don't think any of these relationships are mutual. I always give so much love and loyalty and don't get back in the same amount. I don't like who I am, or better: I don't like how I th... » Continue Reading

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driving lessons opened my eyes

Category: Life

I've recently started lessons to get my drivers license. The first days were painfully boring and I was starting to worry because of how many classes I still had left. However, after a few days, I left home today and as I walked down the street I started to notice so many street signs and different aspects of city planning that I had never even noticed beforehand.  It feels like leatning how to re... » Continue Reading

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I feel shitty

Category: Romance and Relationships

  I didn't think I'd be writing about my love life here, but I need to get this stuff out of my chest.    Today I went on a movie date with "L", this girl from my class who I'm aware has a crush on me. The problem is I'm not really into her. I see her more as a friend than anything else. That being said, the only reason for me to go out with her is that I was feeling sad and she was available. I f... » Continue Reading

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record player

Category: Music

Just got a new record player. It's one of those cute suitecase players. I'm aware that they are notoriously bad and can even damage your records sometimes, but I'm just a casual listener that's gonna listen to some cheap lps and am happy to start in the vinyl world. If I still enjoy it when I'm older, I'll probably save up to get a better one. So far I've got 'The Court of the Crimson King', 'Invi... » Continue Reading

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park day

Category: Life

The category 'Life' really summarises this entry. Today I spent the whole day at a park with my parents and some friends of ours. The most vital part of the experience though is that I purposefully left my phone at home. Never felt better. I'm not sure if this is an universal sensation, but mostly in recent times I'm always feeling a little bit bothered or anxious even though there's nothing wrong... » Continue Reading

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