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Top ten reasons I love Linux

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

1. It's completely free! And totally worth the price. 2. No one is listening. No one is listening. No one is listening. Linux Mint! 3.Trying to visit certain web pages (including gmail) will crash my computer. I have no idea why, there doesn't seem to be any correlation between the pages. I think it's a driver issue, but who knows. 4. Sometimes when I'm typing the cursor will go fucking spastic an... » Continue Reading

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How did you discover Spacehey? (and other lost civilizations)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

What's up people of the SyberWorld, it's Actual Acorn comin' at ya with another blog update. I've been yusing this site for a while and I find it interesting how even though this is a remake of a site from the early 2000s, almost everyone here is kwite young. kinda makes me wonder how you all learned about it. From a friend, or from Tiktok, right? But aren't all Tiktok users kwite young? How did t... » Continue Reading

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My Experiences With Interdimensional Travel

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

What's up people of the SyberWorld, it's acorn, actual comin at ya again with another blog for my blog for you to read and enjoy! i'm on summer brake right now and man, i've been working so much all summer. i took classed last summer and this summer i worked a 40 hour week. man! (´ε`;) that will wear u out no matter how young you argh. i quit my job because it sucked, i had to wake up at 4/30 errr... » Continue Reading

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Tewi Inaba Backstory

Category: Religion and Philosophy

So basically in the Kojiki, Tewi was stranded on an island, so she came up with a plan to escape. She told the alligators in the sea that there were more rabbits in the Inaba clan than there were alligators in the alligator clan, and if they wanted to prove her wrong, they should all line up on the surface of the water so she could run across them, counting their numbers as she went along. So all ... » Continue Reading

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