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How did you discover Spacehey? (and other lost civilizations)

What's up people of the SyberWorld, it's Actual Acorn comin' at ya with another blog update. I've been yusing this site for a while and I find it interesting how even though this is a remake of a site from the early 2000s, almost everyone here is kwite young.

kinda makes me wonder how you all learned about it. From a friend, or from Tiktok, right? But aren't all Tiktok users kwite young? How did they learn about it?

In the olden days, it was the job of the older generajions to pass on their knowledge and valyues to the youths. But in the modern day, this rarely happens. Talking to someone 15 years older than you is like taking to someone from a different country. This site is an amazing place where people of all ages cometogether to long for the past. The past they've never experiensed, or the past they can never return to.

I'll tell you how I found this site. I was simply up late one night feeling board, and clicking through random websites. I ended up on a fastinating site called Over the following days I continued to explore it, and eventually found what I later learned was a project called MYSPACE93. It was enchanting. I spent hours sifting through profiles, reading old conversajions, and joining dead Discord servers. I didn't know what I had found, but I felt like something very beautiful was lost in that site.

Eventually I found a link to a Discord that was still active, though catatonic. I joined just in time to watch it die. The people there told me about, the "old-web revival", and how they had all met on that site, MYSPACE93, before it closed for good. They never lerrned about Spacehey. Anyways, you can probably imagine how the rest of the story goes.

Also they were all like, 15 or so. That was interesting too.

I write this blog because I finally figgered what's so weird about the Yesterweb culture. It's asynchronous. The internet has changed since the early 2000s in both form and function. Just as MYSPACE93 was a monument to the past, the profiles therein are monuments to indivijuals; something almost unheard of in this day and age. They'll sit there forever, like ghosts made of bits and bytes, reaching out from the past to whomever happens to stumbelle upon them.

It reminds me of a line from the Kurzgesagt video about the Lascaux cave, a cave which holds 17,000 year old artwork from prehistoric humans.

"Lascaux is there. You cannot visit. You can go to the fake cave we've built, and see nearly identical hand stencils. But you will know this is not the thing itself, but a shadow of it."
This is not Myspace, but a shadow of it. This is a handprint, but not a hand. This is a memory you cannot return to. Those peeple in that Discord jokingly told me, "This must be like exploring a lost civilizaion!" But it's different knowing the builders of those old cities are still alive, and longing to come home.

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Red Monaca

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Those last paragraphs are some of the most poignant lines about computer networks of the past that I've seen recently. Living in an intermingled past-future, recreating an idealized past, facilitated by service providers that profit from an ever-increasingly-necessary infrastructure.

By the by, I was recommended this site by a friend over at Discord.

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Some guy on a now-defunct Reddit clone posted an article about it in the "Hidden Web Gems" page

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complaining abt too little customisation on tumblr n someone recomended this site to me

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⛧Max iz dead ⛧

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one day i was looking up myspace hoping to find some screenshots when i found a pic of the spacehey logo, this got me curious and so i looked up spacehey and yeah 👍

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From some online stranger

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I found out about myspace 93 from a tiktok. I didn't have tiktok at a time, but i used to be on a fan groupchat of a band and there was a scene girl who sent us a vid about m93.
After the shutdown of myspace i was looking for a place where I could find my old friends. I don't remeber how, but i found a discord server with some members of m93. Someone mentioned spacehey there and so I decided to make my accout!

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i came from windows 93 as well

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I found it through a Linus Tech Tips video (this one).

SpaceHey definetely will never be exactly like myspace, but I think the niche it's carved out is unique and fun, in that it's a site trying to emulate an older era of the internet, populated by people who want to interact in an older era of the internet. It makes for a unique experience that might not be like myspace, but it's an experience that people who used myspace would probably enjoy.

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