Tewi Inaba Backstory

So basically in the Kojiki, Tewi was stranded on an island, so she came up with a plan to escape. She told the alligators in the sea that there were more rabbits in the Inaba clan than there were alligators in the alligator clan, and if they wanted to prove her wrong, they should all line up on the surface of the water so she could run across them, counting their numbers as she went along.
So all the alligators lined up, and there were so many alligators the line reached from the island all the way to mainland Japan. She ran across their bodies, and when she reached the shore, she was like, "I wasn't even counting LMAO get trolled losers" and the alligators got mad so they jumped her and stole her clothes. So she was lying naked and crying on the beach when Yaoyorozu no Kami came along and saw her, and told her, "You should bathe in the ocean, then go up on the mountain and let the wind dry you off."
So she did that, but when the water evaporated from her body, her skin peeled off, and then she couldn't move and was just laying on the mountian weeping some more.
So then the deity Great Name Possessor (?) came along and was like, "damn bitch what fucked you up so good?", so Tewi told her about the alligator clan and how her skin peeled off, so Great Name Possessor told her, "nah, those guys, those eighty deities were just a little trolling you, the real way to heal your skin is to bath in freshwater at the river's mouth, then roll around in the sedges and your skin will be healed."
So Tewi went ahead and did that, but apparently sedges are sharp plants so her skin got even more fucked up than before. The lesson of this story is don't mess with the alligator clan.

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Is Tewi Inaba a video game, anime or both?

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