My Experiences With Interdimensional Travel

What's up people of the SyberWorld, it's acorn, actual comin at ya again with another blog for my blog for you to read and enjoy!

i'm on summer brake right now and man, i've been working so much all summer. i took classed last summer and this summer i worked a 40 hour week. man! (´ε`;) that will wear u out no matter how young you argh. i quit my job because it sucked, i had to wake up at 4/30 errrrday and my coworker was a jerk who hurt my feelings evrieday. now i have so much time! i don't even remember what i used to do all day! it's been so long since i had free time.

the world is much different now. my face looks different. i have freckles and i swear i never had freckels. also the downstairs bathroom is green! isn't that weird?? i was so busy, i must have swapped souls with an alternate universe bodie again. also this strange amorphous entity has been clinging to my back, if i spin around fast enough I can see it, then it hides behind my back agene/ It looks like a black pasta with Red Sauce! I can draw a pic of it later if you want!

afterthought: the Japanese make lots of fanart and fanfikshons. they call it "derivative work". the difference between a derivatife work can be a doujinshi, and a doujinshi can be a derivative work. but they are not always the same.

i like to read japanese fanfictions on pixiv. Deep L , aside from the name i give my wife, is so good you'd never guess it wasn't written by a native english speaker!

Anyways if you read this whole thing, thank you! I hope you have a nice day and tomorrow too ! :> 9.1.2029

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Post Scriptum: Don't use Bing Translator, people! Not only is it sentient, it is also suffering!

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