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Top ten reasons I love Linux

1. It's completely free! And totally worth the price.

2. No one is listening. No one is listening. No one is listening. Linux Mint!

3.Trying to visit certain web pages (including gmail) will crash my computer. I have no idea why, there doesn't seem to be any correlation between the pages. I think it's a driver issue, but who knows.

4. Sometimes when I'm typing the cursor will go fucking spastic and delete everything I wrote.

5. Attempting to resize windows is like a fun russian roulette mini game! 10% chance of crashing my computer!

6. The terminal is pretty cool, I guess.

7. 99% percent of programs just don't work on Linux. WINE will reduce that to about 40%. This is really helpful because I often find myself being too productive when not using shitty knockoff "libre" versions of software.

8. Keyboard will sometimes stop working until I reboot the computer

9. Mouse will sometimes stop working until I reboot the computer

10. More freedom! Or so I'm told.

You should use Linux for... more fun!!!!!

Edit: After switching from MATE to XFCE 90% of these problems went away. Linux is... magical.

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linux sucks!! boo linux ! boo linux !

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I like how your blogs are all titled "may the nth be with you". Makes me chuckle every time I see one.

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