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Going to Orlando to Universal Studios :0

Category: Travel and Places

I guess i'm going to Orlando, Florida next week for several days to Universal Studios! Hopefully, it'll be fun :) So if I'm not on here much until Christmas Eve, then that's why :))) » Continue Reading

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I'll Be in my New Room Soon :)

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

We started building a room for me in the garage back in the summer, and slowly, we've been getting it done :') Now we've got most of the painting done, and once that's all finished, I'll be able to start moving into my room! We're already getting the furniture for it... (Sorry I'm just eager to finally have a room to myself :D) » Continue Reading

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Thankz for 200 friendz! XD

Category: Friends

Thank you all for becoming friends with me-it's really nice :) » Continue Reading

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Some Favorite Songs X3

Category: Music

I'm bored, so i'm just gonna recommend some songs that I like :) Empty With You - The Used  The Carpal Tunnel of Love - Fall Out Boy  Lotion - Deftones  Iddy Biddy - The Used  Savior - Rise Against  Nomadic - Slipknot  My Way Home is Through You - My Chemical Romance  No Place to Hide - Korn  crushcrushcrush - Paramore  Send the Pain Below - Chevelle  Idiosyncrasy - Korn  Capital M-E - Taking Back... » Continue Reading

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I might make an alternative subcultures website??

Category: Music

I made a video about this on tiktok back in April-I made a website for class, but was able to get it back to have it for myself as well, and thought: why not make this an actual website? It's just a simple beginner's website to the main alternative subcultures, but I've procrastinated on the site soooo much over the past 7 months (heh...). I'm still going to try to work on it though, maybe I could... » Continue Reading

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