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Just finished my biology n history tests!!111!! XD -_-

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

school sux guys go listen 2 bloody gothic rose 666 (enoby dark'ness dementia raven ways band) n worhip amy lee (if u dont know who she is den fuk u pozer!11) » Continue Reading

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any mayhem fans on here?

Category: Music

hey guys was just wondering if there were any mayhem fans on this site:) comment down below, i wanna connect with my fellow good music enjoyers » Continue Reading

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Category: Pets and Animals

we have 2 more members in our group than the mayhem group so go BULLY them SHOW NO MERCY. » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

you HAVE to search "erb fandom" in groups and join da group!!1 We will teach you about erb (epic rap battles of history), EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THIS » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

my good friend the pink one made a new erb fandom group!!!11!! it is for epic rap battles of history fans and for people who want to learn more about it!!! plz join you HAVE TO the group is called "erb fandom" so just search that this picture is a picture of nicepeter and epiclloyd (t » Continue Reading

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comment down below if you play pokemon go, and whats ur fav team? >_<

Category: Games

i play it and im very good at pokemon go and i am team instinct (yellow)(the  best one). but i wish they would do an update so u could be on team rocket for all my goths and emos out there xx » Continue Reading

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