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deltarune chapter 2 (spoilers!)

Category: Games

*THIS POST CONTAINS DELTARUNE SPOILERS* i just spent like half the day playing chapter 2 lol time passed by so fast omg... it was so fun the battles in deltarune are so fun! it was worth recruiting all the enemies lol... toby did a good job implementing internet culture into the game but its not obnoxious. i can see where toby was ranting/commenting on topics in an indirect way with minor dialogue... » Continue Reading

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random notes on my phone

Category: Blogging

random notes on my phone: babies are like portable humans. have you ever pissed so hard? televised furries. ant rebellion. pregnancy test but its those toys that grow in water but instead they grow in piss. if youre preggo it gro if youre unpreggo it no gro. » Continue Reading

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internet etiquette rant

Category: Blogging

idk what catergory to put this sorry :( bruh how hard is it to not be rude just keep your hateful ass to yourself rrrrrrrr like do people not know that shit is linked to you forever? and how anyone can find them being a dumbass in public?? there should be law where youd have to tattoo any hateful comments youve posted on your face...  » Continue Reading

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lol what

Category: School, College, University

my school feels like a ninja warrior course wtf  » Continue Reading

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what my username means cuz ya

Category: Blogging

(idk where to put this in im sorryyy) sunny is not my real name i prefer being called by it since being called by my real one feels bit personal. sunny is comes from mha lol that guy tamaki his hero name is suneater i think and i thought it was cool so i had it by that for a while until i changed it to sunny since it was just cute lol. the sun represents what im not if im being honest its more wha... » Continue Reading

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rating my teachers

Category: School, College, University

also this is just kind of first impressions and my opinion of them can change so chill lol living enviornment: 8.5 i would prefer if they were a bit more clear on vocabulary since its really just all vocabulary. but theyre a reasonable teacher and straight-foward  english: 7 average english teacher that has kids and talks about them. kind of feels like middleschool when i walk into their class lol... » Continue Reading

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dreams ive had lol

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Ant Dream or whatevah: there was a whole colony crawling on the ceiling of my bedroom and i start grabbing my stuff and running. i think the ants were fire ants... ayo that dream was kinda... *tucks hair behind ear*: i was in kind of some classroom enviornment and my crush was wearing tiny glasses that were super dark and only covered his eyes we just started smiling and staring as our faces grew ... » Continue Reading

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hi spacehey!1!

Category: SpaceHey

hi spacehey >W < my name is sunny and ive time traveled to 2020 for flying carz! :O i havent seen a flying car yet but theres this thing called covid 0_o anyways i cant believe you guys still have to do homework liek itz da future wtf...  » Continue Reading

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