rating my teachers

also this is just kind of first impressions and my opinion of them can change so chill lol

living enviornment: 8.5
i would prefer if they were a bit more clear on vocabulary since its really just all vocabulary. but theyre a reasonable teacher and straight-foward 

english: 7
average english teacher that has kids and talks about them. kind of feels like middleschool when i walk into their class lol

algebra: 9
not mean not nice but very clear with what you need to do to pass their class. thanks

korean: 3
the way they teach is really inefficient and unclear its all stuff i understand but the kids who are not korean find this class hard since the teacher keeps overcomplicating simple concepts. makes us practice in all the wrong areas whyyy

art: 7
easy to understand. im so indifferent about them lol

history: 4
theyre class is a double period so im probably more against them lol.. plays awful videos in class really cheesy omg.. randomly chooses students to answer questions as if that makes it any more fun... asks the class too many questions too..

p.e.: 6
they probably just do it for money lol he told us to pretend like were doing something. dont mind it though i prefer more laid back teachers.

health: 6
time zips by in that class for some reason... its not even entertaining... the teacher is just chill just do the work and youll pass type of guy. even though theyre very old they randomly do sudden aggressive movements?? like he says something and acts it out very intensely and it sometimes scares me lol..

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