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deltarune chapter 2 (spoilers!)


i just spent like half the day playing chapter 2 lol time passed by so fast omg... it was so fun the battles in deltarune are so fun! it was worth recruiting all the enemies lol... toby did a good job implementing internet culture into the game but its not obnoxious. i can see where toby was ranting/commenting on topics in an indirect way with minor dialogue. also theres little details in the game that arent much but actually make the game feel alive like extra sprites/animations/sound effects.

i actually like the queen a lot shes funny and a good "villain" even though i think she tries to be a good guy but ends up hurting people because shes dumb. i like that she likes noelle and tells her to "choose the world that makes you happy" really struck me ngl. her being lancers girl dad is also cool they share braincells i always thought she was the kings ex wife or something and it seems to be implied that they were in a past relationship. i could go on but the queen has: cool sprite, cool laugh, cool music, cool mansion, cool giga form, cool battles. 

susie also really warms up a lot and shes so cute lol. shes reminds me of the dogs that are food aggressive haha. i feel like at some point shes going to have everyone crush on her and its going to become a susie dating sim. 

ralsei is also very sweet i love the moment you have with him on the swan floatie <3

berdly is someone i dont hate nor love but i like that hes dumb lol. his moment was unexpected and i felt kinda bad like damn i kinda wanted to hate you.... cool theme tho..

noelle! very hard to keep up in battles.. but shes cute. her crush on susie is also cute. she deserves the world oml..

extra stuff uh:
-lancer is portable! thought he was gonna die at some point but he ended up being fine
-sans shop was open and i was cool talking to him but where tf is papyrus you dumb fuck. 
-alphys and undyne are sorta interacting and i hope they start dating lol.. ok maybe it wont happen but theyre a duo ok :(
-im sad i couldnt talk to asgore maybe its cause i dont really talk to my dad irl... 
-the king likes cashews... noted...
-spamtons themes are fucking bops, now im a bigshot B)
-pandoras palace fucking slaps it also made me super reckless lol...
-those buff bird butlers are cool. the queen has good taste karate chopping barrels full or watermelons? hell yea.
-why does kris have to be edgy and slash his moms tires just so he cant have cool friends AND he create a dark fountain? ughhh it seems like i need to clean up after him in chapter three >:C

dumb theories:
-yk those fire doors that teleport you? i remember that sans in undertale had a door exactly like it! which could possibly mean he can travel through undertale and deltarune? the idea doesnt seem too farfetched... since he knows you remember him from undertale.. sans lore omg
-i talked to onionsan and they said they heard music underwater and i immediately assumed it was gaster's theme for some reason..

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