dreams ive had lol

Ant Dream or whatevah:

there was a whole colony crawling on the ceiling of my bedroom and i start grabbing my stuff and running. i think the ants were fire ants...

ayo that dream was kinda... *tucks hair behind ear*:
i was in kind of some classroom enviornment and my crush was wearing tiny glasses that were super dark and only covered his eyes we just started smiling and staring as our faces grew closer together idk why but he kinda looked a bit like drew gooden lolĀ 

awful nightmare:
this could be connected to the last dream i talked about or was just another dream that same night. i was in some school gym area and i knew i was on tv there was a whole bunch of people there sat into groups. me and my group started to run away from a group that was chasing us because the leader said they should get us cause were grouped and i said back "arent we all in groups dumbass?!" or something like that. next thing i knew i got picked up by the leader he was larger than me and stronger i kept trying to push him away with my feet crying, but he didnt budge i remember that this was against the rules and we were supposed to just get tagged. at some point it was over and it seemed like the leader got first place and told me to fuck off lol. after that i remember scrolling through hate comments in bed crying they werent small insults they were paragraphs i remember someone commenting "she expects to not get beat when she talked shit". like what i was just stating facts or whatever akdfal i felt so bad when i woke up im so glad it wasnt real omg :,(

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