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Category: Life

personal recount of today breakfast was toast with jelly and emo bestie was biking, so I walked to school with cottagecore grandma and slayallday. slayallday and I traded sweaters for five minutes but I liked mine better so we switched back. in l+l we had a sub but the assistant taught the boring lesson. I wish I was that sub, just getting to chill while somebody did your work for you. science was... » Continue Reading

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ur mom

Category: Parties and Nightlife

ur mom is my mom and we're siblings lmao » Continue Reading

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why i'm obsessed with tiktok: a self-analysis

Category: Life

hi. so recently, i've been sucked into tiktok, and i've started to wonder why. i mean, it's just videos, right? why wouldn't youtube have the same effect? i researched a little about it, and everybody seems to have a different opinion. from how i see it, people talk about it as a technical thing(usually the algorithm) or an emotional thing(ex. a need to know what's going on).  those are the two si... » Continue Reading

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colleen hoover, alex aster, and booktok in general: an angry rant

Category: Books and Stories

hi. so, i'm a big reader. i'm a little obsessed with booktok, booktube, all that stuff, because i don't have access to mainstream bookstores like barnes and noble as i live in a fairly rural area, and those "50 amazing books you should read!!!!!!1!" lists don't really do it for me. most of the books i get recommended are great and i love buying them when we go into the city, reading them on my pho... » Continue Reading

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Book Recs!

Category: Books and Stories

Ello :) It's liana, back with some BOOK RECS!!!!!!!!!! oml im such a nerd.  just a preface, im a huge romance person so most of these are at least part romance. LETS GET INTO IT YUH Carry On, Simon Snow by Rainbow Rowell this book was recommended to me by a lovely user over on belletristica by the name of Lyndis. If you wanna look at belletristica, it's a german writing website with a slowly build... » Continue Reading

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