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colleen hoover, alex aster, and booktok in general: an angry rant

so, i'm a big reader. i'm a little obsessed with booktok, booktube, all that stuff, because i don't have access to mainstream bookstores like barnes and noble as i live in a fairly rural area, and those "50 amazing books you should read!!!!!!1!" lists don't really do it for me. most of the books i get recommended are great and i love buying them when we go into the city, reading them on my phone, etc. but there are a lot of misleading books out there that really just anger me. 
for instance, colleen hoover is so overhyped. sure, her books deal with complicated topics that you don't usually see in mainstream media like burn victims, trauma, abuse, and violence, but she doesn't showcase them well and makes them pawns for love interests or people that are depicted as "close friends" and "supportive". the most obvious use of this is in November 9. the mc Fallon is a burn victim, and has scars all over her body. she is very uncomfortable in her body and thinks she's ugly, but the way hoover depicts it is just... weird. Fallon calls herself ugly because her hair is brown at one point, and it all seems very over the top. the love interest Ben says she's beautiful even with her scars, but he uses it as a way to say that he's a good person, even though he wanted to use physical force to make her stay after he cheated on her, and got mad when she went on a date with another guy after that. none of it sits right with me, and i'm just really confused why nobody seems to care.
anyways, i'm also super mad about booktokers who think just because they talk about books on an online platform means that they can actually write one. read: alex aster. when she announced she was writing a book, people were super excited. everybody really liked her content, and trusted her a lot. the hype was huge. she got a movie deal with universal before the book even came out and got tons of preorders. but then the promotion packages were sent out to other booktokers. SHE POC BAITED US OML. ONE POC. a black gay man. the others are white and straight. token poc much????? also a terrible romance. moral of the story: don't hype an author until the book releases. im kind of interested to see the movie though haha. maybe universal will delete it, hmm...

so, yeah. not all of this was researched, so some things may be wrong. this is just my opinion. 
byeee <3


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Off topic but most libraries have access to an ebook site with your library card, so you don't even have to leave your house. It's still a borrowing system and there's limited copies but it's free.

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yeah, that's my main source of books :)

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Oh awesome, a lot of people don't realize they have ebooks so I like to spread the word hehe

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