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personal recount of today

breakfast was toast with jelly and emo bestie was biking, so I walked to school with cottagecore grandma and slayallday. slayallday and I traded sweaters for five minutes but I liked mine better so we switched back. in l+l we had a sub but the assistant taught the boring lesson. I wish I was that sub, just getting to chill while somebody did your work for you. science was science, we had an easy summative. I chilled. apparently, there were two fights yesterday? in advisory the worst sub was there and she made us do a thing we had already done. ew. lunch was a turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce and mayo, and I had a fanta and candy corn pumpkins too. a lot of people changed SOARs but I didn't, which is good because I really like frenchsoar. chorus was bad, as usual. theatre rehearsal ended early because there was a back to school party outside and everyone wanted to go. i got tacos and a strawberry shortcake bar for dinner and got to see my friends. it was super fun.

names(from this entry):

emo bestie: my bestie

cottagecore grandma: friend, sister of slayallday

slayallday: friend, brother of cottagecore grandma

assistant: the teacher's assistant in L+L

the worst sub: a bad sub

frenchsoar: my french teacher, also my SOAR teacher (soar is basically homeroom)

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i wonder who emo bestie is....

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