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why i'm obsessed with tiktok: a self-analysis


so recently, i've been sucked into tiktok, and i've started to wonder why. i mean, it's just videos, right? why wouldn't youtube have the same effect? i researched a little about it, and everybody seems to have a different opinion. from how i see it, people talk about it as a technical thing(usually the algorithm) or an emotional thing(ex. a need to know what's going on).  those are the two sides of the argument, kind of like a debate. there's no sure answer, as researching tiktok is not a priority, but i'm wondering. and me wondering always leads to something. in this case, a blog post.
so first, i'd like to talk about the technical side of this. the algorithm is designed to pull you in, right? it tailors to your wants, makes you want to know what video is next. it's easy to navigate and utilize, especially if you're new to social media. it's the perfect place to start. it's already learning what you like from the moment you create your account, with that little innocent "what are you interested in?" section. so, part of my obsession could be the way it's designed. but the emotional side is the part that really intrigues me. 
the reason i wanted tiktok in the first place was because "everybody at my school" had it. back then, i had an innate desire to have everyone like me(which never happened), to be popular. I thought getting tiktok would help achieve that goal. maybe it did a little, but not much. now, i just want people to see my reposts and say "wow shes funny" and want to be friends with me. so, i'm on there to do things i guess. i also post a lot of me with my 1 friend lmao. i want to make like a book account but im parental locked for some reason so i cant make a dual. ugh.

anyways this was a really bad analysis but yeah. this is all my opinion.
buh bye :)

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