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Happy new year everyone!

Category: Life

How was your New Year's Eve? What did you do? On my side I went to celebrate New Year's Eve in the mountains with friends, we slept in refuges and built an igloo. » Continue Reading

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I received the support stickers!

Category: SpaceHey

I received the spacehey support stickers two days ago! They are beautiful, and now I have an autograph from An! Did you receive them as well? » Continue Reading

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A nice little bit of css

Category: Blogging

Hello :) Here's my css for my background image (the clouds loop) : body::after{ content: ""; background: url('') no-repeat 100% 100% fixed; background-size: cover; opacity: 0.5; top: 0; left: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; position: fixed; z-index: -1; } The cool little tricks are the size of the bg image (100% width and 100% height), the fact ... » Continue Reading

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> Spacehey's unofficial random blogroll is ready! <

Category: SpaceHey

Hey! I did something! And it's a website ! More precisely, it is a blogroll. You can enter your profile url, update your profile with the super secret magic string, and click the submit button in order to be added to a brand new and totally unofficial blogroll! From now on, every time someone will click on the *my super long website url*/random url, he will have a chance to be redirecte... » Continue Reading

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My computer environment

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Here's a sneak peek at my computer &amp; my environment: Here's a bonus view from vscode with theme "Synthwave x Fluoromachine'", and here's a screenshot of my VM running Xubuntu with the Chicago95 window manager. How are your computers? Do you use linux? Laptop or desktop? How many screens? » Continue Reading

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>> List of profiles with custom css <<

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Hey! This is my first post on spacehey! Since I stumbled across the profile of mxp (his profile was removed), I had one idea in mind: create my own personal css for my profile. This is now done, and I love it. And now I want to see more profiles with custom css, can you send me the cool ones? Edit: add link to seth who also have a veeeery good design! Edit 01/12/20 (dd-mm-yy): page of ... » Continue Reading

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