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My computer environment

Here's a sneak peek at my computer & my environment:

Here's a bonus view from vscode with theme "Synthwave x Fluoromachine'", and here's a screenshot of my VM running Xubuntu with the Chicago95 window manager.

How are your computers? Do you use linux? Laptop or desktop? How many screens?

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Cool setup! Might be worth noting that Chicago95 is (as far as I know) a theme (for GTK2 and 3 and Xfce) and not a window manager.

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Nice keyboard!

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Shanen's profile picture

Was a Fedora + Win user, but after WSL came out for Windows, I've decided I'll be sticking with it

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I use Windows but actually have the same desktop background as you!

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Jack's profile picture

ProDOS 8 on my 8-bit Apple II. A thing of beauty.

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Eddy's profile picture

Debian on my thinkpad mostly working in vim and tmux all day.

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I use linux since a few years now. Still a newbie tho.

Stopped distrohopping since 5 months or so, I think Artix is the one.

Currently testing KDE wayland, Gnome wayland, and Xfce. Each on his own partition.

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Torben Haack

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Using a MacBook Pro for about a year and I'm really satisfied with it! To be honest, I think, if Apple won’t go bankrupt or messes up sh¡t heavily, I might never buy anything besides a Mac again 💻

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I have been using Linux on desktop and laptop for about 15 years or so. Often distro hopping, DE hopping. I should settle now, but KDE has been my DE daily driver for the past few years, it has really grown up, even the factory theme is sexy.

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