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>> List of profiles with custom css <<


This is my first post on spacehey!

Since I stumbled across the profile of mxp (his profile was removed), I had one idea in mind: create my own personal css for my profile.

This is now done, and I love it.

And now I want to see more profiles with custom css, can you send me the cool ones?

Edit: add link to seth who also have a veeeery good design!

Edit 01/12/20 (dd-mm-yy): page of OO is really cool too! And harlan's one! And yodalover! And alex! And Shanen! And Tanner! And meh!!! And Holmes! And Emily! And triptych! And geetfun! And Max Bridgland! And Leonard! And Nein MC! And Anthony Lee! And maggie! And rachel! And jeff! And aakash!

Edit 02/12/20: And panda! And torben! And nole! And 5k5k5k5000! And noah! And Frere Jaques! And leovander! And Wilson! And Miguel Piedrafita! And slash! Et Jean-Michel! And Emily3tcetera! And veronica!

Edit 03/12/20: And eric! And mrzool! And Yaya_CheshiCat! And aidan! And tim! And Zsolt! And para! And Randlocher! And Michael! And 2005 .-. azidd! And aidy!

And here's another post about cool profiles (by mubra)!

Edit 04/12/20: And zen! And Tracy! And Francesco! And sal! And shelbz!

Go follow this tutorial (with great resources!) (by meh!!) to customize your own profile!

Edit 07/12/20: And Sean! And Gio! And Elijah Conners! And Orihime! And The Pyrrhic Llama! And Matt! And Ethn! And  Lily! And shadow! And Rick Astley! And Jordan! And Charles! And Brian (profile deleted)! And Amy! And Isaac! And Greg! And jupiter! And colin! And jip! And juality!

Shameless advertising: I just published a new blog post about the fact that I just published a new website (a blogroll for spacehey profiles)!

Edit 08/12/20: And mhd! And joseph! And astro! And ivy! And another noah!
 And Corey Conklin! And sebastian! And dana! And jack! And sobhan! And Anna! And Ben!

Edit 09/12: And mercury! And sandman! And Shakima! And Twitchyeyebrows! And blueasis! And rebecca! And tibbz!

Edit 10/12: And Heather! And Chris! And velos! And Brandon! And another Jordan! And muy! And paranoianotice! And Alunar! And Koen Hart! And max! And Automatic Shoes! And Khaotik! And sirkaotik! And Anton!

Edit 11/12: And Animaria! And vreni! And mol! And LoSeRBoI! And Khodok! And rob!

Edit 12/12: And jayde! And angela! And crimebird! And spikehunter!

Edit 13/12: And Hellaobnoxious! And Monique! And cvrsed! And Felix! And Sab!

Edit 14/12: And Coconut! And Capital Ex! And sephiroth03827169! And fluxium! And kosan! And Demo! And xXchloeXcatastropheXx!

Edit 15/12: And Sophia! And this profile! And mishka!

Edit 16/12: And Lorelai! And XxX~klcy~XxX! And elliot! And another Jack! And bitmapt! And baud! And Marco! And 2am wake up call! And Christopher Elison! And dan taffy! And s3xy.goblin! And dudesaladt! And 9050000! And cr!

Edit 17/12 : And Ronnie! And Scarecrow Joe! And Lenore! And thomasloparnik! And lusa! And xJaystinD00Mx! And CYR ELI!

Edit 18/12: And kmrt! And Vee! And quak! And ayne! And adrian! And mishka! And eva! And Jake! And elbarto!

Edit 20/12: And Manny! And bekti! And monotony! And mikeSunday! And mira! And mel! And Lolitsmermer! And Mappy! And Quentin! And kailyn exxogenesiis! And XxDespairFactionAshtonxX! And GJfTFEottsotjss (Garbanzo Johnston from The Fourth Episode of the third season of the jerry springer show)! And Ruby! And MIGGY JAI! And denial! And Jenna Voorhees! And linkie! And Rocky Rinaldi! And another Emily! And stebwash! And sprout! And CaseyCloudform! And diebenjidie! And colonopenbracket! And comptroller! And The Moonlight Is Endless! And armando! And Joey! And sasha scandal! And AmericanTeeth! And Dami! And HalleHeichou!

Quick note : I've been on vacation for a few days (literally afk) and may not be able to come back for a week or two.

I came back from the snow successfully!

Here's a link to a tutorial on how to add custom emotes on your profile page by amgg :)

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Cloneable's profile picture

Also me then?

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Yes, you too!

by corentin; ; Report


Shanen's profile picture

Damn, you took the effort to continually update the list through the months! Kudos m8!

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Yeah and I'm still here!

by corentin; ; Report

Nightride FM

Nightride FM's profile picture

Hey there, lots of cool CSS work here.
I run an online radio station (synthwave) and decided to style our spacehey profile in a way that matches our own website.
Let me know what you think

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Hey, sorry for the late reply! Nice profile, I love the old TV scan line and the fonts :D

by corentin; ; Report

This is what I was looking for! I wanna expand my profile's size and edit my tables on the side!

by ☾★𝓒elestial_𝓒elery☆☽; ; Report

⭐️Closet of Free Samples⭐️

⭐️Closet of Free Samples⭐...'s profile picture

Great resource! Thanks!

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cristiana's profile picture

I'm a web dev who got started on MySpace, so this holds a very special place in my heart. I make layouts and post them, and I'm totally open to questions! I'll help you to the best of my ability 🤗 Add me!

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Woaw your profile is beautiful!

by corentin; ; Report

tysm ☺️🥰

by cristiana; ; Report

Do you know how to imbed videos into your profile? I'm trying to figure out the layout thing but html and coding has long since slipped my mind lol.

by Justina Tyree; ; Report

Are you trying to embed a youtube video?

by cristiana; ; Report

I would also like to know how to add YouTube vids

by ᏒᎧᏕᏋ; ; Report

To embed a youtube video, just copy and paste the "embed" link from the share options on the video. If that doesn't help you, I can make a quick blog post with some screenshots if someone needs me to. Let me know! I want us all to have dope profiles 🤗

by cristiana; ; Report


Obscure's profile picture

This is so great, and I am insanely happy this exists. Im looking to make my own custom profile, if anyone could reach out for me to ask annoying questions to that would be amazing. I know HTML and CSS im just confused about how to implement that here.

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You can just put it on your "Blurbs" section inside tags :)

by corentin; ; Report

Wargod ARTS

Wargod ARTS's profile picture

I ton of the old myspace layout generator sites are still acitve. Do you think any of the old CSS stuff on them will work here?

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I am not sure if they will work. I know some codes were specifically for Internet Explorer and others were specific to how old MySpace was coded.

by N30V3N0M; ; Report

Some will partially work since some divs and classes are the same.

by corentin; ; Report

Andromeda Dröm 夢

Andromeda Dröm 夢 's profile picture

ohh i came back here to check more cool profiles and I saw my name on the list! Thank you soooo much :D I missed making layouts SO much!

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No problem, nice profile :)

by corentin; ; Report


RiviR's profile picture

I do custom CSS for profiles! Mine is my own work (with some string of code from Cory and Katie)

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Alvin Seville

Alvin Seville's profile picture

Damn son these make mine I just spent so much time on lame haha. took me forever to get images tiling across background and didnt end up using it lol.

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Andromeda Dröm 夢

Andromeda Dröm 夢 's profile picture

Thank you so much for all this :D I got so excited with this site! I missed Myspace and profile html editing SO much haha :D

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N30V3N0M's profile picture

I think my page finally reached its final form. Idk how many hours I spent just looking at CSS coding... Props to the people who make multiple layouts. Had a hard time with just one. ROFL

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Miranda💗's profile picture

Check out my profile 💜

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✧ 𝒟𝓎𝓁𝒶𝓃 ✧

✧ 𝒟𝓎𝓁𝒶𝓃 ✧'s profile picture

Doing Gods work ❤️✨

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🥀Helena🥀's profile picture

does mine make the cut? It's custom!

My Profile

^Just seeing if that works... lol

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~Aaron~'s profile picture

You should add mine!
Here is my profile link,

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Meli's profile picture

Sweeeet! Discovering layouts are my favorite past-time

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aleeex's profile picture

woah this is so so cool!
thanks for adding me 🥺

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💫Tyler💫's profile picture

thank you for adding me!
Making mine has been so nostalgic

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Nice profile!!

by An ; ; Report

I second An, nice profile!

by corentin; ; Report


corentin's profile picture

@greatblood: your page is very pretty indeed, but the video isn't auto-playing on your background.
This is because autoplay on videos is blocked on most browsers (see here for intersting links), and because your video is not directly available by the link you provided.

On my computer, if I try to display the video, I stumble across a page that only have this content :

To download this file, please visit the download page :

So the file you hosted is not available through this link and you might want to choose another hosting provided :)

Be careful with the size of the video too, the gofile download page says that your file weights 108.3 MB, and that means that a lot of web users won't be able to view the video since they have a very bad internet (or worse: it will use all of their data and they won't be able to access internet anymore).

If you want an example of a lightweight video, here's the background "video" on my profile. It is a gif because it can autoplay on a wide rande of browsers, and it is really small so it doesn't weight too much (in fact it is exactly 524,85 KB, 206 times lighter than your file).

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