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lvl 15, dutch/slovenian riot grrrl, jewish, queer —FREE PALESTINE

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Art supplies I'm getting once I get into art school but they're highly specific

Category: Art and Photography

Art school is minimum 3 years out for me but a girl can dream.... disclaimer I am only looking at the prices like a little bit... like 100 dollars for a 30 pack caran d'ache is just objective insanity but I operate under the delusion that I will save up for the next three years and can actually afford all this. Let me dream!!! 1. New alcohol markers Ideally the Ohuhu 320 (or 216) Colors Dual Tips ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

bout me! name: Anastasya or Ana pronouns: she/they birthday: oct 24th siblings: nope job: babysitter APPEARANCE hair color: french bob dyed black n red eye color: green/blue/gray height: 5´6 ethnicity: Dutch look like a celeb: i did a test that said I look like Christina Ricci the most but my friends say I looked like Greta Thunberg when I was a kid. I disagree with both dye your hair: yes have br... » Continue Reading

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Current 8/11, 8/12 post

Category: News and Politics

How to hide cool new ppl page Report links for the gore accs so far (will update) report?type=user&id=1977361 What's happening:  Mostly bla... » Continue Reading

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My rating and explanation of it of all MCR albums because I have a teensie touch of the 'tism

Category: Music

Warning my little creepazoids THIS SHIT'S LONG AS HELL I'm talking nearly 2000 words of me rambling about little emo's.  Read at your own risk, I put way too much effort into this. 1. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. Released: July 23rd 2002 by Eyeball Records Runtime: 40 minutes 52 seconds Tracks: 11 1. Romance, 1:02 2. Vampires Will Never Hurt You, 5:26  3. Honey, This Mirror ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

Guys i got a tamagotchi dupe for literally 3 bucks omg omg omg  I have an orange one and my pet is this cute little bat named eve i love it Three cheers for my tama goth i (get it bc bats and goth lmao im so funny)  » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

so im @ a sleepover w my bsf and she just said:  [abt ray toro] "aww he look so nice! he looks like my pretty little princess!!" Im actually sobbing someone send help Anyway i introduced all of mcr to her and so far her opinions r:  Ray: wants to dress him up like a polly pocket (liked his hair (and smile (who doesnt tbh have you looked at him))) Frank: depending on the pics i showed her, thinks h... » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

RAA I WENT SHOPPING 2DAY SO HAUL TIME OBVI  - pink glitter pen bcuz im an insufferable teen girl - 3 of my fav brand of pencils wooo - 1994 batman comic that i will forever cherish - guitar pick with "punk is not dead"  - 4 pins (black flag, st george, clockwork orange, fender)  - AND THE FUCKING DELUXE EDITION UMBRELLA ACADEMY APOCALYPSE SUITE COMIC RAAA SAVOURING IT ITS SO AWESOME IT HAS SKETCHE... » Continue Reading

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