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bout me!

name: Anastasya or Ana

pronouns: she/they

birthday: oct 24th

siblings: nope

job: babysitter


hair color: french bob dyed black n red

eye color: green/blue/gray

height: 5´6

ethnicity: Dutch

look like a celeb: i did a test that said I look like Christina Ricci the most but my friends say I looked like Greta Thunberg when I was a kid.

I disagree with both

dye your hair: yes

have braces: not anymore but had for 3 years

wear glasses: yepI have custom wire frames

wear contacts: have them but they horrify me so I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them

piercings: no but I want canine bites n a belly button piercing, maybe my tongue n some ear piercings

tattoos: i have a rlly fadded 666 on my left upper arm but I have a lot planned


Color: PINK but I like all colors

video game: uhh minecraft

tv show: bonez

animal: JELLYFISH horses n humans

food: pasta nom nom

drink: cocaine cola

day of the week: friday

season: autumn

song: why would you ask me this

band: MCR 

holiday: halloween

book: perks of being a wallflower,the secret history, looking for alaska 

flower: green carnations  


summer or winter: winter 

cats or dogs: cats

pepsi or coke: pepsi

ocean or pool: ocean

black or white: black

chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

rock or rap: rock

tv or movie: movie

stars or hearts: stars

bracelets or necklaces: necklaces

gold or silver: goldddd

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