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so im @ a sleepover w my bsf and she just said: 

[abt ray toro] "aww he look so nice! he looks like my pretty little princess!!" Im actually sobbing someone send help

Anyway i introduced all of mcr to her and so far her opinions r: 

Ray: wants to dress him up like a polly pocket (liked his hair (and smile (who doesnt tbh have you looked at him)))

Frank: depending on the pics i showed her, thinks hes hot or looks like he smells. (Fair tbh) Not a fan of the tattoos, or the buzzcut era

Moikey: havent showed her much but made some vague ARRAAGGAGGGH noise so i think thats good

Gee: thinks hes VERY emo (duh), she found a pic of him and ray next to eachother and CRACKED tf up. Likes the pics ive shown her tho. 

Shes currently making me a playlist called ray torosaurus with all her fav songs but refuses to make the pic actual ray 

Stan my bsf, go listen to jeff buckley for her or smt

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