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"let's ditch this place and go rave :3"

16, bisexual, american, aries, she/they, and a cute little bimbo

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entering my Thirteen (2003) era

Category: Parties and Nightlife

i'm starting to be just like traci, like i'm going to more parties and staying out late, doing things a 16 year old wouldn't normally do (or maybe they do, idk). but it's kinda serving, i'm loving this era, i get to be rebellious and shit and i don't care about what other people say or feel about me. no matter what i do, or what anyone else does, someone is always gonna be disappointed in me, so w... » Continue Reading

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about me! :)

Category: Life

here are some significant  (and  random ) things about me!: - Age?      -16 - Hobbies?      -shopping, cooking, styling/makeup, floral design, painting, and spirituality - Gender/Sexuality?      - bis » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

i don't have many standards or anything but here's a few reasonable "no's": - anyone under 14 or older than 18  - ppl that only talk about politics/social issues (like it's not that deep come on no one asked) - judgmental ppl (racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, anti-religious freedom, or just an asshole in general) - basic bitches with no creativity, specifically the ones that judge creativ... » Continue Reading

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blog ideas?

Category: Blogging

i wanna blog literally everything i do but my life isn't that exciting so i'm taking requests if there are any :) any requests are fine (within reason), i could do informational stuff, a few html things, maybe reviewing products/stores or any sort of shopping stuff? please just give me something interesting to blog about, y2k, grunge, gothic, anything pleaseeeee T-T » Continue Reading

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guys please help - coding ideas

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

okay so i'm very new to SpaceHey so i need some tips on coding in images, gifs, cursors and the like. i have the basic stuff like fonts, banners/footers, and backgrounds but anything beyond that i'm clueless to. PLEASE SEND ME HELPFUL CODES!! sincerly, an amazingly hot bitch » Continue Reading

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hot girl lesson 1: self-love

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

hey everyone! this is my first SpaceHey blog (and my first blog i've ever written lmao), and i'm very excited to talk about my favorite subject: self-love. this is one of the most important things to have. when you love yourself, inside and out, you become a more likable person to yourself and others. if you are spiritual person, it also makes you more closely connected to the divine, especially y... » Continue Reading

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