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the list

Category: SpaceHey

my list of must-haves to redo/make your layout!!  1. pfp and background: pinterest, search y2k pink 2. blogs to learn to code how to change colors by alok (2 yrs) ult spacehey coding tut for visual learners by claww (9 mo » Continue Reading

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putting your new spacehey logo on ur profile

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

part 1link: how to make custom logo pt 2: the code upload your logo to a hosting site (i use file.garden, so that's what i'll be teaching you to use, though you'll need to sign up with your email) » Continue Reading

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making your own spacehey logo on mobile

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

(link to part 2 on how to actually put it in your profile) hi ^^ i'm back teaching u to do things so u can do them urself!! (i did this on mobile so i could use picsart to edit the logo, but if you have a preferred app on computer you can use it too!) SORRY ABOUT THE HUGE SCREENSHOTS I JUST WANT YOU GUYS » Continue Reading

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how to put music on your profile for dummies

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

first things first, go to youtube and pick the song u want (using feelz by lil peep as an example) click on the share button then click embed, then highlight ONLY THE LINK (highlighted in image below) and copy.  then, go to your profile and select a box (doesn't matter which, since you can't see sound) and in » Continue Reading

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neva eva changing my profile layout

Category: SpaceHey

it took too much work and idek what most of the code does so changing anything is like gambling with godzilla » Continue Reading

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bad teachers suck

Category: School, College, University

don't not try at your job and make me look bad pls. my honors algebra teacher never shows up to school and half the class has less than an 80% but somehow it's our fault??? and it's not like nobody's trying because we're all in there for a reason. istg some people are so selfish that they don't realize how their performance at their job (especially as a teacher) can fuck everyone's life up bc now ... » Continue Reading

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talk to me

Category: Friends

please i need human interaction my blog is so dry rn » Continue Reading

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everybody is so serious on here

Category: SpaceHey

like relax everything will be okay most of these things are trivial and have no effect on anything just live your life and be happy » Continue Reading

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2024 bouta be my year

Category: Life

maybe i'll finally get a bf idk » Continue Reading

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who the best rapper

Category: Music

I don't listen to rap I need recommendations » Continue Reading

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