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how to do blinkies since someone asked me abt it!!!!

okay so first, you'll need to find whatever blinkie you want to put on your profile. 

(https://y2k.neocities.org/blinkies has some really good blinkies in a lot of colors!!)

and save it to either your photo gallery (on mobile) or save it to your files. (computer)

Now, to get the blinkie to actually show up, you'll need to put it somewhere on the internet so that way, spacehey can find it. (bad explanation??) there's a lot of places you can do this, but i personally use file.garden. (https://filegarden.com/) it's free, but you'll have to sign up with google or your email. 

Now that we've found our blinkie and a place to host it, we can actually put everything together.

Press on the big orange "upload" button and select the photo/file of your blinkie. Once it's uploaded, select it. On the right hand side, there should be a link. We're going to need to insert that into the code that i'm about to give you, so just know it's there.

<img src="put link here"/>

Copy and paste this code into any box you want a blinkie in (no style tags needed!!!). Copy that link that you saw before, and insert it between the quotation marks. if all goes well, (which i hope it does, or i'll look real stupid) you should have a blinkie.

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this is perfect it worked ive been trying for hours

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