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Kindness Matters

Category: Blogging

The world is so hateful :( Be kind when you can. It really can make a difference. Stay safe, beautiful people. I love you all. You kind people have a place in this world, and you're much more important than you may think. You have the power to make a difference. Keep fighting for kindness. Keep fighting for peace. » Continue Reading

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Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

The internet doesn't have to be a mean or scary place. I get that some of us have been treated badly or have gone through awful things, but it still doesn't excuse being rude to everyone. Please just be kind, ignore things you dont like (as long as it's not harmful to others ofc!), and be mindful of how your words can affect people. You don't know what anyone is going through, how they were raised... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

I've really been getting into the band lately :3 Never Heal Myself and Bumper are such pretty songs. I luv music! And you! » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

A lot of you people have such cool layouts and blogs and everything! I'm so jelly. Ur all so cool ^-^ I dunno how to code at all : < But i still have fun posting, so at least that's something I enjoy. Even if my posts aren't super pretty or anything! » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I just really like that word :D I think it's silly hehe!! How's everyone's day going? » Continue Reading

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Spacehey Mobile App

Category: SpaceHey

I just downloaded it!! ^-^ I can't wait for more features to get added! :3 » Continue Reading

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Emoticon Users!

Category: Life

   /ᐢ⑅ᐢ\   ♡   ₊˚   ꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱       ♡‧₊˚    ♡ ./づ~ :¨·.·¨:     ₊˚              `·..·‘    ₊˚   ♡ True Fact: If you use emoticons, you're immediately 20% cuter than your non-emoticon using counterpart who lives in an alternate dimension.... » Continue Reading

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Finals Week Wishes <3

Category: School, College, University

Good luck everybody!! Make sure to stay hydrated, eat healthy snacks, and get enough sleep. Remember that this week will pass. It rly sucks, but we can make it thru. I kno it!! LOVE YOU ALL!! (>u » Continue Reading

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People are Wacky

Category: News and Politics

People are so hateful. So quick to generalize. If it's the easy thing to think, it's probably the wrong thing to think. Ask questions. Be a well rounded person. I want to believe we have more in common than we think. Yes, sometimes people do disagree. Sometimes there are extremists. But don't let that deter you from still coming together about the things we DO have in common. » Continue Reading

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kid therapist. (vent)

Category: Life

feeling weird. I think my mom wants to hang out with me or something bc she asked if i wanted to go somewhere today and she was asking to chat even tho we never do that stuff. i feel uncomfortable and weird and tired. if anyone is reading this, ur probs like "lucky ur mom seems nice and wants to hang out w u" :/ i know she's just going to use me as a therapist again and talk about dad or other ann... » Continue Reading

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my room

Category: Life

In this world, I lock out All my worries and my fears In my room, in my room » Continue Reading

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