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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Another holiday season is at hand, and sometimes it might feel like it's all too much 😵. Here's 5 tricks to make your holidays the most stress-free ones yet ✨ 🎁 1. switch it up!     if you're up to your neck in stress every end-of-year, try a change of pace! who said you HAD to do the same holiday every december? just go for one of the other equally great ones! bored of christmas? do kwanzaa! had... » Continue Reading

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[no hidden fees] ---> 100% FREE CSS STYLE L@@K! <---- [come n get it]

Category: Art and Photography

Hey, bro! •You looking for a quick way to start stylin' your page? Well here's a placeholder stylesheet for ya! It's kinda trashy, but that's the whole point! To see it in action, check out my buddy Holmes' page   tested on Android &amp; MacOS, chrome, safari &amp; brave btw •If you hate the way it looks, well, change it up dude! The code is right there! Go ham! A lot... » Continue Reading

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Playstation Owns

Category: Games

Crash Bandicoot,  Bloody Roar,  Metal Gear Solid, SaGa Frontier,  Tekken, Grandia, International Superstar Soccer, Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider, Wipeout,  the list goes on and on » Continue Reading

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Vibin to this today

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I might be over the frasier adult fanfic scene

Category: Blogging

still gonna watch the show, but the community can be really toxic sometimes 💀💀  » Continue Reading

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>> top 5 christmas movies <<

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Having trouble choosing the perfect christmas movie to watch during these trying times i mean this holiday season? if so, read further down: 1star warsincredible acting and fantastic special effects made this a hit in '77, and it still holds up! 2King Kong Amazing special effects for its time. Just be sure not to accidentally watch the vile remake! 3Live Free or Die HardThe Die Hard Trilogy j... » Continue Reading

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